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> I would like to get a 1.5 release of GenericSetup out over the holidays.
>  Here is what I have on the roadmap:
>  - Clean up the sphinx docs for the package, incorporating / updating
>    Rob Miller's excellent tutorial on GS (Rob has already blessed the
>    notion).
>  - Make *much* clearer the idea that content export / import should
>    not be treated as part of any "normal" profile, including adding
>    some extra support for doing that task at the application level.
>  - Tidy up any deprecations when running under Python 2.5 (and maybe
>    even 2.6).
> Anyone have other stuff they would like to see in the mix (and can help
> land)?

I want to extend the upgrade step logic a bit to allow you to call
single steps from other profiles. Should be a simple change.


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