Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> If a package only depends on Acquisition, DateTime and zope.* packages
> it does no longer depend on "Zope2". I'd like to encourage people to
> look at their real dependency and be honest about those. Especially
> looking at things from the perspective of: "why does my package have a
> Zope2 dependency" instead of "I use this inside Zope2, so let's specify
> Zope2". The later information is where a classifier of
> "Framework::Zope2" is appropriate, the former is not.

Damn, too late. I meant: Only add a install_requires=['Zope2'] if you
really have a dependency on the Zope2 package. Never ever make the
mistake of doing the lazy thing and mistaking it for a "I work with
Zope2". The expression of "working with" or "intended for" is what the
classifiers are for.


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