Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> In a package based world, if you specify a dependency on a package, you
> can in my opinion only rely on the package contents itself to be there.
> You cannot rely on its dependencies to stay around.
> Zope2 the package is no different in this. Chances are that
> zope.location will stay a dependency of Zope2 for a long time, but for
> other packages it is far less clear. My answer to this is to always
> specify all direct dependencies.

I agree with you in general, but Zope2 is a special package because it 
represents the Zope 2 platform and ships with a KGS.

Keeping all specified dependencies of all packages always up to date is 
a big maintenance burden. Or do you have a tool that syncs the specified 
dependencies with the code base automatically?

Regarding Zope 2 dependencies the win is minimal and in the case of 
five.localsitemanager the explicit specification caused some trouble.



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