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I didn't get Hanno's e-mail and I can't find it in my spam filter  

> The point in Yuppies changes is that the already-specified  
> dependencies
> *broke anyeay* with Zope 2.12, because of details of ordering inside
> setuptools.  Specifing *any* version requirements (even '>=x.y') is
> impossibly fragile outside the context of a tightly-controlled index  
> (at
> which point the version requirements are redundant, and should be  
> removed).
> As I said earlier:  five.localsitemanager should just be made part of
> the Zope2 trunk:  it is tightly-coupled to Zope2, and its presence  
> as a
> separate pacakge is just confusing and error-prone.

+1 It's always been another CMF package for me but one that I couldn't  
drop into "Products". Leaving aside the discussions about whether this  
is the right way to do things some of the sites we're working on were  
started before everything was setup to work properly with buildout and  
we still have other stuff in there which still won't.

Zope2 parts aren't suitable for running as independent packages. So  
making things like the CMF dependent on a Zope2 release rather than  
the various packages makes sense.

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