Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

Hi Jens,

> IMHO the licensing issue is of general interest beyond this one  
> software bit. If there are any changes to Plone licensing I'm sure  
> people on this list would be happy if you or someone else could  
> provide some summary, if and when something is being changed :-)

Some people including Wichert and Martin are pushing the Plone
foundation to allow for an alternative license for Plone packages
that are more of a underlying "framework/library nature" on

As I see it, chances are good that we'll see this changing within
the next few month even. At the moment, the discussion is about
whether we (the Plone foundation) should generally allow one
or several alternative licenses (-> one seems to be the current
favorite) and whether this one (if so decided) should be
LGPL or BSD(-like).

If there would be a strong preference from the CMF community
here I'm sure this would be honored in our discussion.

Opinions anyone? (ideally including a reasoning beyond
"I want ZPL because that's what Zope itself uses") ;-)


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