Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
>> That's not the issue I was trying to address. I was specifically  
>> talking about putting functionality in the most appropriate part of  
>> the stack, meaning moving it further towards the core. If there are  
>> bits and pieces that make more sense in the CMF then saying "well,  
>> just install our package" may satisfy users, but developers will  
>> continue wasting time maintaining different implementations.
> Why would there be multiple implementations if they can just use the
> existing one? I do not see that.

For the CMF project it is essential to have full control over its own 
layer of the stack and to participate in the development of the Zope 
layer. Using packages from the Plone repository means either using them 
as a black box or joining the Plone Foundation to participate in their 
development. IMO both options are not acceptable.

> I do agree that work should be in in
> CMF itself, and this particular instance of the indexable wrappers is an
> excellent example of that. I hope that in the last few years we have
> already demonstrated that we really do want to work closer with the
> CMF and Zope communities. 

For technical reasons this collaboration is asymmetric. Plone is built 
on top of Zope and CMF, not the other way round. If you want to work 
really close with these communities, you have to be part of them and use 
their repository.



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