Am 10.03.2009 um 09:14 schrieb Raphael Ritz:

> If there would be a strong preference from the CMF community
> here I'm sure this would be honored in our discussion.
> Opinions anyone? (ideally including a reasoning beyond
> "I want ZPL because that's what Zope itself uses") ;-)

Actually that is itself a very valid opinion - any company that is  
interested in software licences prefers as few of them as possible. My  
preference is always for a no-strings attached licence (ZPL, modifieid  
BSD, Apache).

It's nice to hear that there is some discussion within Plone about  

If there is framework code in Plone that might be better placed lower  
down the stack in CMF then the sooner the better. There is a heap of  
stuff that could do with refactoring and reengineering along component  
architecture principles. It is not a little ironic in an open source  
context that the next release of Plone "requires" a new release of CMF  
to which it itself has (hardly?) contributed. This may often be  
unintentional as Plone developers write libraries for Plone unaware of  
the problem of backwards licence incompatability - the wrapper for  
z3c.forms springs to mind - but it is a problem just the same.

Concentrating on a content management framework for Zope as the basis  
for Plone and other approaches is a good thing IMHO.

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