Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
>> Is there any kind of low-traffic announcement list for things like  
>> PLIPs? I'm not subscribed to any Plone list because of (for me at  
>> least) signal to noise ratio fears.
> There's plone-announce, but I don't think this was announced there.

plone-announce is targeted at consumers of Plone, so has information
like "New Symposium coming up", "Plone 3.2 released".

> I actually think the Plone release manager should cross-post a few 
> important announcements to this list, though.

We could probably do that. There is a lot of information which isn't
relevant at all to the CMF level nor the Zope level in the same ways.

> The actual feature discussion happens on the medium-traffic 
> framework-team list, which you can join. In fact, it'd be great if you 
> did, as we'd appreciate your input, but I realise it may not be 
> something you want to spend a lot of time on.

One way to get quite a filtered list is to look at the PLIP's themselves
from time to time. For Plone 3.3 this is: We can make sure to post
the important dates for our release process to this list and provide at
least this kind of URL.

For Plone 4.0 we haven't probably started the process yet (my fault) but
have some things available in the listing at:

The items on the 4.0 list here are basically all of my personal pet
peeves and there's a lot of more things we are going to do, like
completely revamp the admin UI and probably use Dexterity for the
default types, while retaining backwards compatible support with Archetypes.


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