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Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> Hi Tres,
> On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 5:02 PM, Tres Seaver <tsea...@palladion.com> wrote:
>> I can't even get the trunk buildout to build this morning:  Hanno, do
>> you have any clue what is going on here?
>>  The version, 3.7.1, is not consistent with the requirement, \
>>   'zope.sendmail<3.7.0'.
>>  While:
>>   Installing test-zope212.
>>  Error: Bad version 3.7.1
> I added lots of version pins for all unpinned packages to the
> buildout. I guess some of those loose ends suddenly became
> problematic. I'm not sure which one exactly caused this, though.

This is a problem with trying to run both the Zope-trunk tests and the
Zope-2.12 tests in the same buildout:  we should ideally be able to have
*both* zope.sendmail versions in the 'eggs' directory, with the
"correct" one for each testrunner configured somehow.  I don't think the
testrunner recipe is clever enough for this usage, though.

> After my change the buildout runs at least. Judging from your commits,
> you are working on the test failures. I'll leave you to it for a while
> :) I was planning to look at them later today.

I've squished them all, I think, running against the trunk.  There are
still a bunch of errors / failures running under 2.12.3, though, which I
can't figure out.

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