On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 8:33 PM, Tres Seaver <tsea...@palladion.com> wrote:
> OK, the change I'm planning on the trunk essentially reverts your last
> commit (all the extra version pins to make the 'test-zope212' part
> build), plus deleting the test-zope212 part (see attached patch).

Sure. That wasn't much more than a band-aid.

> BTW, I think the other test buildouts which do not run aganst the Zope2
> trunk should probably also be adjusted to use released Zope 2.12.x eggs
> as well:  we aren't co-developing the Zope 2.12 branch along with CMF
> 2.2 (any more, at least).

Well, it is nice to catch problems introduced in Zope 2 on the day
after they are made. And not when someone tries to update the buildout
to a new version at some later point. The risk is much lower for
stable branches, but it still exists.

As seen from todays test failures, they nicely showed how I screwed
some things up a bit too much on Zope trunk :)

> I also don't know why the 'instance' and 'i18n*' parts are configured in
> these buildouts -- does somebody have a memory of why, or a reason to
> keep them?

Yvo has to comment this. I think he sometimes rebuilds the pot files
in CMF with the i18n part. Not sure about the instance.

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