as discussed briefly on the CookieCrumbler thread I'd like, for the sake  
of clarity, to add folders in the CMFDefault/browser folder. As things  
stand we have a mish-mash of content views, view utilities and other stuff  
with the current configure.zcml nearly 200 lines. I know this is going to  
sound as navel-gazing but if we add more views this will get unnecessarily  
cluttered and one advantage of configuration is that location isn't  

I propose:
browser/ for view utilities and widgets;
browser/content for content views;
browser/authentication for login/logout views;
(browser/member for member views;
browser/workflow for workflow)

And more as required. An alternative would be a top-level reorganisation  
of CMFDefault but that would be overkill and might cause unnecessary  
knock-on problems for derived classes.

Additionally I'd like to rename the view folder/@@edit.html to  
folder/@@contents.html. I kept the view name to match the PythonScript but  
I think it is both misleading - you cannot "edit" the folder with this  
view and it causes problems with classes derived from PortalFolder which  
are contentish (a not unusual or unreasonable thing but which currently  
forces a new name for an edit view or some hacking to have a dedicated  
contents view). Apart from updating the profiles and, presumably, an  
upgrade step I don't see any side-effects.

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