Am 21.04.2010, 12:57 Uhr, schrieb Charlie Clark  

> Additionally I'd like to rename the view folder/@@edit.html to
> folder/@@contents.html. I kept the view name to match the PythonScript  
> but
> I think it is both misleading - you cannot "edit" the folder with this
> view and it causes problems with classes derived from PortalFolder which
> are contentish (a not unusual or unreasonable thing but which currently
> forces a new name for an edit view or some hacking to have a dedicated
> contents view). Apart from updating the profiles and, presumably, an
> upgrade step I don't see any side-effects.

aagh! wrong again!

edit -> @@properties.html, folder_contents -> @@edit.html

Gets me every time! I can just about live with "edit" referring to the  
metadata view although this is different from all other content objects  
but I'd prefer folders not to have edit views unless dedicated ones exist.  
Do we need an edit view to conform with actions/object?

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