Charlie Clark wrote:
> Am 01.07.2010, 11:37 Uhr, schrieb yuppie<>:
>> I would prefer if you would propose that on the zope-dev list. It
>> doesn't make sense to remove them in CMF and to keep them in ZTK or Zope
>> headers. And it doesn't make sense if just a few people remove them in a
>> few places and other people follow the old policy.
> I agree that I don't remember a policy statement on this - it might be in
> the coding guidelines. But it did come up in my aforementioned thread:

I don't think it is sufficient that it comes up in a thread like this 
one. Or to check in a change like that:

> If necessary I'll make sure this is on the agenda of next week's IRC
> meeting.

I'm not in the mood to take responsibility for that. But it would be 
great if someone else wants to make sure policy changes are better 
communicated. And the IRC meeting would indeed be a good place for 
making coding style decisions.

Cheers, Yuppie
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