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> The tool has properties which represent site-wide defaults for the
> interval, etc.  I don't really care about making those editable in the
> "front side" of the tapestry (the CMF UI) rather than the "back side"
> (the ZMI).

My view on this is that site managers shouldn't have to "drop down" into  
the ZMI to manage relevant site settings. See the discussion regarding  
portal properties - ideally they shouldn't have to switch between a  
skinned view and the ZMI for anything that is site relevant. A side effect  
of this might be, at some point in the far future, no more DTML to look  
after. However, I've just found the corresponding PythonScript (the action  
is object/syndication) so I will just be changing the extension profile  
after all. I suggest that object syndication and site syndication should  
be two distinct actions.

>> Thanks for the clarification but that doesn't make them candidates for
>> adapters of IFolderish? I just found it confusing that editProperties  
>> acts
>> on the Syndication Tool but enableSyndication acts on object. But maybe
>> it's more important to provide the missing functionality such as the
>> policies and reports.
> There is no interface to which one could look up an adapter to find such
> a policy:  you would potentially need separate marker interfaces, and
> duplicate registrations, for every folder in your site.  The syndication
> info objects are *data*, not *code*:  the represent setttings in a
> place.  The tool uses them to figure out values for the syn:-namespace
> elements in the RSS.

I think we must be talking at cross purposes here. It sounds to me like  
SyndicationInfo is like an Annotations adapter for a folder. Whether the  
information is stored as an "opaque" (this may be the wrong term) object  
in the folder or using an Annotations adapter seems moot (English sense)  
to me and, therefore, not important right now.

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