Am 30.09.2010, 00:08 Uhr, schrieb Charlie Clark  

> I think we must be talking at cross purposes here. It sounds to me like
> SyndicationInfo is like an Annotations adapter for a folder. Whether the
> information is stored as an "opaque" (this may be the wrong term) object
> in the folder or using an Annotations adapter seems moot (English sense)
> to me and, therefore, not important right now.

And to answer my own question on this as well - IAnnotatable would require  
another dependency for CMF, plus: what you should be annotatable? OTOH As  
IAnnotatable is effectively just a marker interface I don't see any  
particular problems with doing the same as we do with Workflow and store  
the information in a _syndication dictionary and restricting the  
adaptation to IFolderish.

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