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> My view on this is that site managers shouldn't have to "drop down" into
> the ZMI to manage relevant site settings. See the discussion regarding
> portal properties - ideally they shouldn't have to switch between a
> skinned view and the ZMI for anything that is site relevant. A side  
> effect
> of this might be, at some point in the far future, no more DTML to look
> after. However, I've just found the corresponding PythonScript (the  
> action
> is object/syndication) so I will just be changing the extension profile
> after all. I suggest that object syndication and site syndication should
> be two distinct actions.

Okay, now I understand the difference between the two forms:

* portal_syndication/propertiesForm is for the site;
* synPropertiesForm is for a folder

I propose to add Site Syndication Settings to the actions/global and  
remove the Properties form from the SyndicationTool. I also think that  
synPropertiesForm should be moved to actions/folder and the condition  
"folder is object" removed. Oh, and I notice the RSS schema is way out of  
date! This is probably the most important thing of all.

Syndication policies can probably be best handled by a Syndication  
Settings form. The ZMI tab will be removed as will the Syndication Reports  
tab which I don't intend to implement. That's what log files are for.

Any objections?

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