let's say your DA 'instance' is located at /Database/cx1 
In your FS Product code, you'd probably be able to get your hands on it like this:  self.Database.cx1
(This makes some very broad assumptions about how your Product is structured, but hopefully it's a start for you)
Personally I think it's easier, as long as you're in an FS-based Product, to deal directly with whatever database interface (bypassing its Zope adapter and Zope's transaction machinery).  The thing you either lose or gain by doing this (it depends what your goals are): you have to handle RDBMS transactions 'manually'.

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Hi *,
 I'm developing a FS based product with Zope, and I need to fetch some data from a DB (SQLServer).
I've installed the DA, got a connection, now I need to query the db from within my product.
I've searched the web for documentation, but didn't find the information I'm searching. From what I understand I have to acquire the connection from Zope, but I don't know how.

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