> Well, this is one reason that I strongly prefer keeping my code
> on the file system.  The availability of change-control software
> is the other.  I happen to like git.

Well, we are probably going to do this for files (some forms have
associated document files), but I don't see how this would be overly
possible for form data, am I off base ? Oh, I would love to implement
change control software but I figure let's ask for emergency changes
first and then we can look at luxury options.

> I do development on my machine, and as much testing as possible.  Then on the 
> production machine I do a cg-update my_machine_name to pull the code from my 
> machine into production.
> So, how do you get code in files?  The two best I have found are the 
> FileSystemSite from infrae, and the DirectoryView portion of zope CMF.  
> Unfortunately, either require some reformatting of method data, particularly 
> the headers.  So some retyping and retesting is required.  I am using 
> FileSystemSite, and any new code goes there.  Working code stays in the ZODB 
> until I have time or need to fix it.

I'm not sure if this would work for me as 90% of the data I'm worried
about getting squashed is form data entered by the site's users rather
than code the developer is working with.

> Another option, which I have never used, is zsyncer,
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/zsyncer

Thanks, I'll have a look at that. But I guess really what I'm hoping
to find out is how feasible is it to dhunk out the user-entered data
and put it in an exteranl DB so it is safe from being stepped on
during code updates ?

Christopher Appell
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