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> It was my understanding though that you can use an external DB in
> conjunction with the ZoDB, wouldn't it be possible to put my
> client-entered data (form responses mostly) on this external DB ?

Can you give me an idea of the level of effort to accomplish this
partial data abstraction ? I imagine it's not so straight forward
since he has pushed back pretty hard to my initial requests but I
figured it's worth asking about as he may simply not know how to go
about it.

This depends really on your individual use case. Sometimes you have an exisiting RDBMS and want to store additional content in the ZODB and sometimes it is vice versa. The "tricky" part is to keep track which objects in the ZODB belong to which row(s) in your RDBMS. For such a hybrid solution I stored the path of the objects in the ZODB as new column in the primary table of the RDBMS (this is ok as long as you don't move objects around)...or you might store the primary key as attribute of your objects.. don't try to move data from a RDBMS into Zope if your data depends very much on the relational mode...the ZODB and RDBMSs have their pros and cons..just
use them  for the purpose they were designed to.


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