Am 19.01.2007, 17:50 Uhr, schrieb robert rottermann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

it in deed seems not to work.
however I do not understand why.

If you use callproc() we could probably help you.

This is now academical as I resolved to not to use stored procedures
that return a record set (tough its a pain in the back).
what I do (did):

1. write data (in a ZSQL connction), did commit it, did flush the table.
(reading from plain mysql shows the data)
2. in a "python modoul" I
 - flush the tables (to force a reread)
 - read the data
 - send it to plone to display
unfortunately I get stale data.
As we need to go online next week, I resolved to not to use Stored
Procedure to retrieve the data.
However I really like to know why I cant.

Don't forget that Zope will also cache results from the database as indeed the ODBC driver may. You should really try this using a single connection object.
call the procedure + get the results if possible
if not call the results with an additional query
run the query that uses the results of stored procedure.

You can do all this in a single ExternalMethod.


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