You have a point Maciej - but I got used to DCOracle2 and so far it has
performed quite well.  I link it with Oracle lib32 libraries, but use it
with ora lib 64-bit libraries in the path.  So far, there has been no
issues I am aware of.  The only thing that came up recently is how to
use it with a stored procedure returning a ref cursor.  This has been
resolved, with a new issue on how to handle Ora TimeStamp data type
which is crashing DCOracle2 with a segmentation fault on Sun Solaris
(DCOracle2 exits fine with an actual error message on Windows XP.
By the way I am using now DCOracle2 with Oracle 10 using the archive you
sent me.
So far, I have not run into any problems.  However, I need to make a
summary of what needs to be done to keep the scripts in one set for
various platforms (Windows and Sun etc...) using C macros (DEFs),
instead of allowing them to diverge.

So do you really have to use DCOracle2?
I see that your code is plain python. You're not using
Zope database adapter here(?) so maybe it is better to use something
that is in active developement like cx_Oracle or SQLRelay? You'll avoid
some problems, eg. DCOracle2 is not 64 bit compatible.

Maciej Wisniowski

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