Chances are good that the C code that is trying to construct the timestamp doesn't know how to convert it...

A quick peek into the source code hints the code doesn't have a type converter for SQLT_TIMESTAMP, although there is a converter for SQLT_DAT (date).

Putting a converter into the C code shouldn't be all that tough, if you need to do it you can probably figure it out :)

Take a look at the function CONVERTOUTF(SQLT_DAT) -- although that might also be where the segfault comes from. That function hops around on one leg a bit to try to get the C library mktime and gmtime system time conversion routines to do the heavy lifting.

On Mar 20, 2007, at 8:53 AM, Maan M. Hamze wrote:

To give an update:
To run a stored procedure which returns a ref cursor, I tried:
c1 = db.cursor()
c2 = db.cursor()
sql = "storedProcedureName(:inparam1, :inparam2, etccc, :outparam)"
options = (inparam1, inparam2, etcccc, c2)
c1.execute(sql, options)
As recommended below.
This did not work.

However, this worked:
c1 = db.cursor()
c2 = db.cursor()
c2 = c1.procedures.storedProcedureName(INparam1, INparam2, etc..)
Only the INparams are given as arguments.  c2 is returned as a cursor
r = c2.fetchall(), or
r = c2.fetchone()

This was causing a segmentation fault on a Sun Solaris box.
On Windows, I got an actual error message.  While fetching, the cursor
has a field of ora datatype TimeStamp. This was crashing DCOracle2. a
to_char solved the issue.
I am using DCOracle2 and Oracle 10 on Solaris (and Windows XP).
Did anyone run into issues of handling TimeStamp oracle data type with

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"m.banaouas" [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
options = "(2714, " + "'" + "99999999" + "'," + "36, 1, c2)"

it's wrong!
you must give a sequence as second parameter of execute method.

So you do like this:
options = (2714, '99999999',36, 1, c2)
c1.execute(sql, options)
I tried it both ways.
With what you suggest:
Import DCOracle2
db = DCOracle2.connect(connectionString)
c1 = db.cursor()
c2 = db.cursor()
options = (2714, '99999999', 36, 1, c2)
sql = "storedProcedureName(:INparam1, :INparam2, :INparam3, :INparam4,
c1.execute(sql, options)

I am getting now:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
File "/opt/python/lib/python2.4/site-packages/DCOracle2/",
line 98
7, in execute
    self._cursor.bindbypos(i, p)
ValueError: invalid data type bound

Printing options yield:
print options
(5920, '99999999', 36, 1, <DCOracle2.DCOracle2.cursor instance at
Would this be causing the invalid data type bound error above?

Also, should not the following work:
c2 = c1.storedProcedureName(2714, '99999999', 36, 1)  ??

Maan M. Hamze a écrit :
Hello -
Thanks for your help.  I am still getting errors -
You wrote:
sql = "sp1(INparam1, :INparam2, :INparam3, :INparam4, :ref_cur)"

Did you mean:
sql = "sp1(:INparam1, :INparam2, :INparam3, :INparam4, :ref_cur)"
(notice :INparam1 instead of INparam1)

Assume sp1 is hrpofficial, INparam1 = 2714, INparam2 = '99999999',
INparam3 = 36, and INparam4 = 1

db = DCOracle2.connection(connectionString)
c1 = db.cursor()
c2 = db.cursor()
sql = "hrpofficial(:INparam1, :INparam2, :INparam3, :INparam4,
options = "(2714, " + "'" + "99999999" + "'," + "36, 1, c2)"
c1.execute(sql, options)

I am getting an error:
DatabaseError: (900, 'ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement')

Any hints?
Thanks again,

for row in C2:

Maan M. Hamze a écrit :
I am using DCOCralce2 with Python 2.41, and Oracle 9.
I have a stored procedure (sp1) that takes 4 IN parameters, with one
parameter.  The OUT parameter is a **ref_cursor** that holds a data
I am doing the following:
db = DCOracle2.connection(connectionString)
C1 = db.cursor()
C2 = db.cursor()
#I run the following holding the result into the cursor C2
#since the OUT param is a ref_cur
C2 = C1.sp1(INparam1, INparam2,INparam3,INparam4, ref_cur)

I expect to get a data set
I know there is data when sp1 is run
But I am getting an empty data set when I fetch data via C2 cursor.
Do you have any idea how to make this work when a stored procedure
ref_cur OUT parameter?

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