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The problem with TIMESTAMP appears on Windows XP professional also which is a 32-bit system. This is where I got an actual error message that the datatype SQLT_TIMESTAMP can not be handled. On Solaris, I link DCOracle2 against oracle 32-bit libs (/oracle/10.1.0/product/lib32), but I use it with LD_LIBRARY_PATH pointing to the 64-bit libs (product/lib). This has been the case since Oracle 8i if I remember correctly and I never ran into an issue on Solaris or WIndows XP for this matter, with what I do. However, my guess is that this got nothing to do with it since error appears also on Windows XP. Are you actually fetching timestamp values in your select queries and in your stored procedures, and it is working fine?

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This was causing a segmentation fault on a Sun Solaris box.
On Windows, I got an actual error message.  While fetching, the cursor
has a field of ora datatype TimeStamp.  This was crashing DCOracle2.  a
to_char solved the issue.
I am using DCOracle2 and Oracle 10 on Solaris (and Windows XP).
Did anyone run into issues of handling TimeStamp oracle data type with
We had problems with segmentation faults on 64 bit systems.
We didn't realized what caused this (except that it was DCOracle2).
Problem appeared only under high load of our servers so it was hard
to debug. On 32 bit systems everything was ok. Is your problem with
TimeStamp related to 64 bit platform or it happens on 32 bit platforms too?

Maciej Wisniowski

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