On Mon, 22 May 2000, Jason Spisak wrote:
> i did it again, and now I'm down to 160 objects total.
> That's more liek it.
> But system memory is still dropping. I was at 173632  available (This is
> only a half our after the Zope restart BTW.  It ate 100MB in under that
> time.)  before the second pass and now I'm at 173616.

I'm *very* interested in this.

I have a similar setup (stock 2.1.4 + the Lexicon.py patch, no
external database, no non-bundled Products, custom CatalogAware
ZClass, large number of objects (~60,000).  I'm running under

I tried the 'minimize' trick and got down to around 200 objects,
with *no* decrease in memory used.  I'm not leaking memory as fast
as you, but over time memory usage does go up until swapping starts
and I'm forced to restart Zope.

Also as (apparently) with you, manage_debug does *not* give
any clues as to what is taking the memory; everything in the list
looks normal and does not add up to the observed memory usage
as far as I can guess.

I'm glad to see someone else is observing this memory weirdness,
I thought I was the only one.


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