0.4.0a2 is out, to fix the bugs reported by Itamar and Mike.  I have not
yet reproduced all the bugs Mike has reported, but here's what's fixed in
alpha 2:

* The missing _objectChanged() message - it was very hard to track down,
because everything appeared to be working right, except for the fact that
it wasn't working.  Turns out that _v_status_ (the variable, not the
method) was an empty string.  Which meant that what looked like
self.__dict__['_v_status_'] in code was actually self.__dict__[''].  As a
side effect, this means that if you've used non-rackmounted DataSkins, they
now have an '' (empty name) attribute that is not removable through the
Zope management interface.  Hopefully this will not affect any production
apps since it has only been possible to have this problem since 0.4.0snap1.
 Anyway, the solution was to simply move the location in the class where
the default value of _v_status_ was set.  As for your DataSkins...  well,
you'll need to delete any instances if you want to be rid of the useless
empty-named attribute.

* Two of the bugs reported by Mike - the manage_setStorage/manage_pack
stuff, and the NameError in createItem.

I haven't been able to reproduce the "nonexistent _v_dm_" problem Mike has
reported.  Mike, are you on 2.2 or 2.1.x?  Your last post on that subject
was unclear, since you said "2.2.6" and there is no such version to my
knowledge.  :)

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