At 10:25 PM 6/20/00 +0800, mike wrote:
>"Phillip J. Eby" wrote:
>> Huh?  Oh, %&#()@&%...  I fixed that in my working copy, but didn't check it
>> into CVS before building a release .tgz yesterday...   Argh.  Line 137 of
>> *should* read:
>>         if self._v_status_ is not ChangedStatus:
>> Sorry, everyone.  I've checked in this fix, along with the one for Mike's
>> "missing _v_dm_" problem, and uploaded an alpha3 release.
>Thank you, Phillip. I've spent all the evening hunting these bugs.
>By the way, how do you debug? Is there better way than inserting things
>       print "objectChanging %s, has status=%d" % (
>           self, self.__dict__.has_key('_v_status_')
>           )

I haven't found one yet.  I'm actually using zLOG.LOG calls, however, to a
logfile, so I can look back at things easily (and because I didn't realize
you could use print until you posted this...  :) ).

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