Chris McDonough wrote:
> A lot of the listed complaints are trying to be addressed by the
> "WikiNG" proposal, which is (of course) in the Proposals wiki on

The irony ;-)

> This may be a good idea... personally, I really don't have much of a
> problem keeping up with the discussions, but it seems a lot of people
> do.  This idea should probably be floated in itself as a
> proposal.

I'll give it a go :-S

How abotu a cross between a Discussion Forum and a Wiki?

> > I dunno about other people, but I've given up on simply
> > because I cannot track the changes without having to put in a
> > disproportionate amount of work.
> You give up fast.

Sorry, bad choice of phrasing... I've given up trying to follow the
stuff on there, which, I think, means I miss out on lots of stuff there
:-S I still think dev.zope.ogr is a 'very good thing' (tm) :-)



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