I have been toying with the idea of creating a Zope product for creating
JPython applets within Zope. I thought this might be a way to increase the
capabilities of Zope on the client-side while remaining firmly grounded in
Python and simultaneously giving me an excuse to play with JPython and maybe
create a useful Zope product too.

I wanted to throw this out to the group to see if others thought this was a
worthwhile capability.

The basic idea would be to write JPython scripts and applets in Zope either
via the web or otherwise and automagically "compile" them into transparent
.jar files that are served to the client on request. Sounds so simple!
Right?? Somehow I doubt it will be, but...

>From what I see no one has done this so I figure at least one of following
is true:

1. Nobody thought of it or felt compelled to act on the thought.
2. Its gonna be hard to do.
3. Somebody else already did it and I don't know about it.
4. The idea blows.

Any thoughts on this idea, + or - are appreciated.

-Casey D.

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