Steve Alexander wrote:
> However, I do not like the 3-frame interface. I feel that the top frame
> is wasted space. The Zope logo and "Logged in as username | Logout"
> could as easily go at the bottom of the tree-view frame on the left.

I haven't seen this yet, but I have to agree. Two frames is bad enough
btu addign another one with all the wasted border space, etc, sounds
like a bad idea...

> This would leave extra screen space for doing work.

...which is always a good thing

> I realize that I can make the frame smaller by dragging it with my
> mouse. 

Yeah, and that's going to get even more annoying than constantly having
to widen the edit box every time you access the same Zope instance
through a different domain name :-(

> so I guess I'll be hacking the top frame out of my
> management interface :-)

Can you post a patch if you do? ;-)

> I also much prefer blue to black as a background colour for the tabs and
> the "Root Folder" link. The black seems a bit overbearing.

...I'd agree too...



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