My 2 cents and thanks to people for letting me have a look!

-    There are too many conflicting shades of blue
        - blue links on blue background, black text on blue background, blue
underlines on tabs and so on.
        - you guys like blue eh?
-    I dont mind the idea of the bar at the top, branding is fine
-    I do mind the idea that is 32 pixels in height being unused. stick the
copyright, refresh options, time of day up there, if the space is being used
more effectively, people wont mind as much. There's a ton of stuff you could
put up there and still view on a laptop..
-    No chance of getting no case sensitive object listing (or at least
having it as an option?)
-    the select/deselect all is great but changing the button is generally
considering confusing..
  Andy McKay.

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> Brian Lloyd writes:
>  > ...
>  > But is it really so bad
>  > to
>  > make a 32 pixel-high concession to a small pittance of
>  > branding?
> I can spare 32 pixels in height, but the current 32 pixels are worthless
> for me as I cannot read what is there.
> I do not know at what design schools one learns that
> black letters on dark blue background is a good thing.
> It seems to be quite widespread, as I see this quite
> often.
> Please keep in mind that colors do not look equal everywhere.
> My colors are usually dimmed as my eyes start burning when
> I have to look into bright light for a longer time
> (Zope's management screens are very difficult for me
> as they use bright white as background. I already looked
> whether I could change it, but unfortunately, the
> color is coded individually in each file.
> What about using a central style sheet instead?).
> Therefore, what might look good at your screen,
> is unrecognizable on mine (and probably others).
> Furthermore, you lost brand by placing the
> blue Zope button onto the blue stripe.
> You can now only guess, what is should be.
> While contrast is very high at most places in the
> new design, it is far too low in this place.
> Dieter
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