At the following URL, you can find the latest ZPatterns with my patches 
applied. This is what I'm using at the moment.

I'm providing this for convenience, so that folks don't have to patch 
stuff to use ZPatterns with Zope 2.3. Bear in mind that this is not an 
"official" release. The changes haven't been particularly reviewed or 
widely used.
Only use this release if you absolutely can't wait until PJE and TS make 
an official release. (I expect there will be an official release within 
the next few days.)

It untars as two directories: ZPatterns and PlugIns. Therefore, untar it 
in your lib/python/Products directory.

If you already have a DynPersist library compiled, you don't need to 
recompile it.

Note that this release only works with Zope 2.3.

Here's a summary of the changes in this release as compared to ZPatterns 

* Fix to _memento class so it works with Zope 2.3

* Alteration to GAPMixin so the the attributes it says it provides come
from the union of the assignments and the defaults.

* Add style="width: 100%;" to SkinScript edit textarea, in line with
other zope textareas.

* Add syntax to SkinScript "INVALIDATE FOR".

* Update PlugIns/www/main.dtml and PlugInGroup.dtml to look like the
   Zope 2.3 management screen

* Updated all classes in ZPatterns and PlugIns to use DTMLFile
   instead of HTMLFile, and removed some redundant imports
   of HTMLFile in the process. This makes cut/copy/paste work

* Add history tab to SkinScriptMethods

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