Steve Alexander wrote:

>Itai Tavor wrote:
>>Steve Alexander wrote:
>>>Itai Tavor wrote:
>>>>This release breaks access to the management screens of ZClasses 
>>>>stored on Racks.
>>>>In Zpatterns-0.4.2a3, Specialist/item_id/manage returns the 
>>>>ZClass management screen. In your release it returns the 
>>>>Specialist Methods screen.
>>>Thanks. I'll look into this.
>>>As a workaround, you can use Specialist/item_id/manage_workspace instead.
>>Yeah, that works. Thanks.
>>>What version of Zope have you seen the desired 
>>>Specialist/item_id/manage behaviour with?
>>2.3, release version. item_id/manage gets redirected to 
>>item_id/manage_main which shows the ZClass management screen.
>>BTW, this might be a good time to mention a related problem in the 
>>stock ZPatterns - even there item_id/manage doesn't work as 
>>expected - it brings up the ZClass management tabs with the first 
>>one selected, but the page content is actually an empty Methods 
>>screen. So a click on the first tab is required to actually get to 
>>the ZClass info. item_id/manage_workspace gets around that. Perhaps 
>>you can investigate this while you're looking at the other problem?
>Changing, line 145 from
>    manage_main = DTMLFile('www/main', globals())
>    manage_main = HTMLFile('www/main', globals())
>(make sure you've imported HTMLFile too)
>restores the behaviour of ZPatterns-0-4-3b2.

Yep, it does. Thanks.

>If you try adding any normal ZClass in a normal folder, you get the
>behaviour that you're reporting as a bug for ZPatterns-convenience.

Hmmm... you're right. Never noticed that before. Sorry for blaming 
your release.

>Therefore, I reckon the original behaviour with ZPatterns-0.4.3b2 is
>incorrect, and the behviour with ZPatterns-convenience-release is 
>consistent with how ZClasses work in the rest of Zope.

So it was a bug in ZPatterns, which resulted in useful behavior, but 
was then "fixed" by your release, so now the bug has to be put back 
in to return the erroneous but useful behavior :-)

>If you're not happy with the behaviour of a_zclass_instance/manage_main,
>then that will need changing for all Zope and not just ZPatterns.
>Stick a report in the Collector perhaps?

Done. Maybe it's not such a huge problem but I think it's reasonable 
to expect /manage to do the same thing no matter what type of object 
you're accessing.
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