Itai Tavor wrote:

> Steve Alexander wrote:
>> Itai Tavor wrote:
>>> Steve,
>>> This release breaks access to the management screens of ZClasses 
>>> stored on Racks.
>>> In Zpatterns-0.4.2a3, Specialist/item_id/manage returns the ZClass 
>>> management screen. In your release it returns the Specialist Methods 
>>> screen.
>> Thanks. I'll look into this.
>> As a workaround, you can use Specialist/item_id/manage_workspace instead.
> Yeah, that works. Thanks.
>> What version of Zope have you seen the desired 
>> Specialist/item_id/manage behaviour with?
> 2.3, release version. item_id/manage gets redirected to 
> item_id/manage_main which shows the ZClass management screen.
> BTW, this might be a good time to mention a related problem in the stock 
> ZPatterns - even there item_id/manage doesn't work as expected - it 
> brings up the ZClass management tabs with the first one selected, but 
> the page content is actually an empty Methods screen. So a click on the 
> first tab is required to actually get to the ZClass info. 
> item_id/manage_workspace gets around that. Perhaps you can investigate 
> this while you're looking at the other problem?

Changing, line 145 from

    manage_main = DTMLFile('www/main', globals())


    manage_main = HTMLFile('www/main', globals())

(make sure you've imported HTMLFile too)
restores the behaviour of ZPatterns-0-4-3b2.

If you try adding any normal ZClass in a normal folder, you get the
behaviour that you're reporting as a bug for ZPatterns-convenience.

Therefore, I reckon the original behaviour with ZPatterns-0.4.3b2 is
incorrect, and the behviour with ZPatterns-convenience-release is 
consistent with how ZClasses work in the rest of Zope.

If you're not happy with the behaviour of a_zclass_instance/manage_main,
then that will need changing for all Zope and not just ZPatterns.

Stick a report in the Collector perhaps?

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