This release breaks access to the management screens of ZClasses 
stored on Racks.

In Zpatterns-0.4.2a3, Specialist/item_id/manage returns the ZClass 
management screen. In your release it returns the Specialist Methods 


Steve Alexander wrote:

>At the following URL, you can find the latest ZPatterns with my patches
>applied. This is what I'm using at the moment.
>I'm providing this for convenience, so that folks don't have to patch
>stuff to use ZPatterns with Zope 2.3. Bear in mind that this is not an
>"official" release. The changes haven't been particularly reviewed or
>widely used.
>Only use this release if you absolutely can't wait until PJE and TS make
>an official release. (I expect there will be an official release within
>the next few days.)
>It untars as two directories: ZPatterns and PlugIns. Therefore, untar it
>in your lib/python/Products directory.
>If you already have a DynPersist library compiled, you don't need to
>recompile it.
>Note that this release only works with Zope 2.3.
>Here's a summary of the changes in this release as compared to ZPatterns
>* Fix to _memento class so it works with Zope 2.3
>* Alteration to GAPMixin so the the attributes it says it provides come
>from the union of the assignments and the defaults.
>* Add style="width: 100%;" to SkinScript edit textarea, in line with
>other zope textareas.
>* Add syntax to SkinScript "INVALIDATE FOR".
>* Update PlugIns/www/main.dtml and PlugInGroup.dtml to look like the
>    Zope 2.3 management screen
>* Updated all classes in ZPatterns and PlugIns to use DTMLFile
>    instead of HTMLFile, and removed some redundant imports
>    of HTMLFile in the process. This makes cut/copy/paste work
>    properly.
>* Add history tab to SkinScriptMethods
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