Andy McKay wrote:
> Any cataloguing and un-cataloguing of an object is expensive, c'mon you are
> changing all the indices, vocabulary and so on. 


> You never notice it normally
> for 1 - 10 things, but run an import script of 10000 and catalog each object
> as it gets added (rather than all of them at the end) and you'll notice the
> difference. (This script was cataloguing 250,000 mail messages, one at a
> time. Big no-no)

Hmmm... I see your point now, and I think it's along the lines of "indexing
250,000 objects is slow, it's just when you take the performance hit".

If so, then I don't really understand:
> Hear, hear. The cost of the incremental cataloguing is horrific.

How does this cost differ from non-incremenetal cataloguig?

Erm... actually... what is non-incremental cataloguing and how do you do it?



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