These "it appears CST is unstable" reports are helpful to an extent
(from Bjorn, Joachim, and Howard), as it lets me know that something
needs to be done to CST.  However, a much more helpful report would be
one which provides a repeatable test case which invariably reproduces
the problem instead of one which states the symptoms and effects of the

At this point, I understand that there *is* at least one problem, and I
understand what constitutes the problem(s), but I can't seem to
reproduce it/them.  Since I'm not able to reliably reproduce the error
state, I can't find the bugs, and this means I can't fix them.  It
doesn't help much that I have almost no time to devote to this at the
moment, either.  If anyone can come up with a repeatable test case which
uses CST "out of the box" in a fresh Zope 2.3.X install which
demonstrates this failure, I would be most grateful, and it would cause
the problem to be fixed much faster!

Shane has come up with a way to fix the "None has no attribute 'load'"
bug that has plagued CST since the beginning, so maybe I'll make a
release next week with the fix in it to see if the problems that are
being reported are related to that.  I will try some more stuff in the
meantime, although I'm at a loss currently as to what could be causing
these symptoms.  :-(

- C

Joachim Werner wrote:
> What we experience with CoreSessionTracking:
> We have a manage mode in the Kontentor CMS hacky thing (no, it is NOT a
> product yet ;-)). It works well for some time (i.e. if I click on it, the
> system switches to manage mode and stays in manage mode until I click
> again), but from time to time it is just reset (quite randomly, too) to the
> non-manage mode. The click just sets a session variable. Haven't got any
> deeper with it yet, but the session seems not to be really reliable ...
> Joachim
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