To further try to track this problem down, I've developed a "burger,
fries, coke" application in honor of this thread.   So far, I've eaten
84 burgers, 31 cokes, and 42 fries.  I can't seem to break this thing,
and I'm not hungry anymore.  :-(

I just wanted to throw this out there.  I'm certain this isn't the
problem because it's too simple, but just in case...  How many session
data managers do you (Howard, Michael, Joachim, and.. I forget who else
is having problems) have?  Just one, I assume.  It's not possible that
different DTML pages in your application call out to *different* session
data managers, is it?  Maybe via unanticipated acquisition?  I know the
answer is probably no, but I need to ask, because the symptoms are
consistent with this kind of misconfiguration.

Questions (assuming the previous question was a throwaway):

Is there something in the standard_html_header that sets request
variables out of session data?  Or is this done via an access rule?  Or
is the session data logic just embedded within every page?
Is everybody using cookies?

Is everybody using the RAM-based session data container?

How long is the data container timeout?

Is this too many questions already? ;-)

stuffed-ly y'rs,

- C

Chris McDonough wrote:
> Chris McDonough wrote:
> > I just wrote a test case that emulates many visitors firing off sessions
> > and making changes to shared data objects simultaneously.  It even
> > emulates aborted connections.  Unfortunately, I see nothing out of the
> > ordinary.  :-(  This is very frustrating.
> Maybe the problem folks are experiencing with CST are related to the
> "None has no attribute 'load'" bug that pops up every so often using a
> mounted storage (RAM-based session data containers use a mounted storage
> internally).  If there's any chance that you can turn the
> STUPID_LOG_FILE on, if the problem happens while you're using the site,
> it would be helpful to be able to correlate (or not correlate) the
> problems folks are having with any messages in the error log.
> -C
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