> On the far-out front, a few people have asked how you might do
> user-specific connections to the database (ie instead of pooling by a
> common connection, you individually authenticate to Oracle with your
> own password).  Clearly, cloning the base Connection object would be
> fairly straighforward, but authenticating it to Oracle would not be,
> as the user password wouldn't be available.  If anyone feels strongly
> about that (ie you have a notion on how you would make it work and/or
> you need it),feel free to write me.  From a performance standpoint it
> would be terrible, but security auditors would love it.

Hello Matthew,

I think this feature would be most useful !

Since I am no (not yet ;-) zope-product developer I can't help you
integrating this kind of stuff but I think I can give you some thoughts
about it:
Of course it would be a great advantage from a security point of view but
it would also make it possible to use Oracle's transaction machinery.
This would make it much easier for users of OR-mapping products (ie
ZPatterns) to wrap insert, update, delete SQL methods into an user
Oracle transaction. (I don't know witch impact it would have on
products like OracleStorage ...)
That way several of above mentioned SQL methods can be
aborted in the end without interfering with other usersŽ actions. Without
user based connections this would only be possible, if at all, with a high
coding effort. To solve the performance problem IŽd suggest to cache new
user connections for a certain period of time. To be at all able to
transfer the DB-user connection string IŽd propose to use a structure
similar to Pythonscript for the ZSQL methods.

enhanced ZSQL-example:

##(new)connection_id=<dtml-var "username+','+password' or default_connection_id">
insert into SAMPLE (ID,NAME)
values ( <dtml-sqlvar ID type="int">, <dtml-sqlvar NAME type="string"> )

(I know that dtml inside the pythonscipt-header is not evaluated but the
product developer should be able to make it work that way ...)
I assume that this might be a backward compatible approach to solve the
issue until some greater spirit has thought about it.
A session based connection would be useful as well, but I guess that are
dreams of the future ;-)

as allways: any comment is very appreciated


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