On Saturday, June 16, 2001, at 08:41 PM, Andreas Repp wrote:
> (quoting himself)
>> ... To solve the performance problem IŽd suggest to cache the user
>> connections for a certain period of time. ...
> Of course I haven't meant to 'cache' the connections but to keep em 
> alive
> while the respective user is active and shut it down after a timeout
> period has passed.

I was reading the Oracle9i OCI documentation (Oracle 9i was just 
released) and one of the interesting things it has is connection 
pooling, with some kind of proxy authorization.  As I get a chance I may 
investigate this further; first to see if it works, then to get a feel 
for for how to integrate it into Zope.

It looks like an extension of something you could already do, but the 
documentation is frustratingly light on examples.  In any case, the 
promising part was that you could leave the proxied user's password 
blank, as long as session was authorized for proxies.  That would 
eliminate the whole necessity of having to track the database level user 

> ##default_connection_id=(changed via ZSQL manage_main Interface)
> ##connection_type=[ standard | custom | optional ]
> ##connection_options=(individual Oracle Connection String)
> sql yada yada
> 'standard' = obvious
> 'custum'   = forced custom connection - will raise error if 
> connection_options
>              dont' have a valid connection string
> 'optional' = try 'custom' and fallback to 'standard' if it fails
> btw: would be nice to have a drop box in the manage_main screen for this
> stuff in a _far future_ release of ZSQL-Methods ;-)

Well there are still userid mapping problems present.  It's not 
necessarily reasonable to assume there is a 1:1 mapping between Zope 
userids and the database userids.  What I'd probably be inclined to do 
is change the *connection* object to look for some other acquired 
authenticator, which it could use to start a session.  That way you can 
write your own authentication conversions and plug them in.

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