Chris McDonough writes:
>Note that I was able to get Zope up and running using Cywin after:
>- upgrading to the most recent snapshot Cywgin dll (cygwin1-20011016.dll),
>which was as easy as copying the file over the existing 1.3.3 version of
>cywin1.dll.  I didn't futz with building anything Cygwin-related out of
>- recompiling Cygwin python with thread support (which was a matter of
>"./configure; make; make install" with the Cygwin Python sources, as Norman
>- rerunning $PY_SRC/Tools/scripts/ against the fcntl.h file that
>lives in Cygwin's /usr/include/sys and saving the resulting file

Ooops - good catch I keep forgetting to mention this step
We should really figure out a way to automagically do this in the python
build process

>I then compiled the Zope trunk using Cygwin Python and GCC via a simple
>"python" and ran it via "./start", and voila!  It at least
>appears to work!  Very nice... thanks very much for the
>heads-up, Norman.


>I need to buy the guys at Cygnus a beer or a yacht or something.

Maybe a yacht full of beer :-)

also of note

I have managed to patch the python 2.1.1 sources to build
the winreg module with Cygwin.  It is a fairly  pervasive patch in
that it python then has to know both the 'posix' and the 'Win32'
way of handling unicode, error systems, ect.

Because of the breadth of this  I have held off submitting the patch
to the Python SourceForge collector but I am wondering if this would
be useful for Zope development ?



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>Subject: [Zope-dev] Zope & Cygwin
>> Michel Pelletier writes:
>> >>
>> >Whether or not it is the most popular, who knows?  Windows
>> >support is absolutely essential however and will never be
>> >traded off for any other feature.
>> FYI
>> I finally have a Cygwin compiled Zope running in a Cygwin enviroment.
>> This is with the very latest Cygwin distribution augmented by a locally
>> compiled Cygwin as represented by the current Cygwin CVS files.
>> There is a new Cygwin release pending
>> or one can just use the "developer snapshot" of Cygwin !
>> FWIW - I use a slightly modified distutils as outlined in method 2 @
>> This is on a Win2k sp2 machine and the Zope-2.4.1 tarball
>> % cd Zope-2.4.1-src
>> % python
>> % ./start &
>> Cheers
>> Norman Vine

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