> The only thing in Zope for Windows that uses the registry is the installer
> and the service manager and we don't use the winreg module in the current
> install or service process, AFAIK.  It is handy, however, to know it can be
> used under Cygwin with your patches.

Note that cygwin is GPL, and since ZPL isn't GPL-compatible... (/me 
waves to kapil):

"The Cygwin API library found in the winsup subdirectory of the source 
code is also covered by the GNU GPL. By default, all executables link 
against this library (and in the process include GPL'd Cygwin glue 
code). This means that unless you modify the tools so that compiled 
executables do not make use of the Cygwin library, your compiled 
programs will also have to be free software distributed under the GPL 
with source code available to all."

Phillip Eby's suggestion of using mingw is therefore more practical, 
since that links against MSVCRT and is compatible with standard Windows 

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