This is great!  Finally somebody is working on integrating Mailman with

Count me in -- we had a volunteer struggle with the Mailman code over
the summer before giving up.


P.S.  By the way, last week I added CGI 1.1 support to Zope 2.3.3.  This
allows us to run the existing Mailman code (version 2.0.7) as a CGI script
without having to run another web server besides Zope / ZServer.

If anyone is interested in this code, please let me know.  Right now it is
an external method that requires the PathHandler product.

The basic idea is to parse the URL using PathHandler, which calls our
external method.  Our external method sets up the required environment
variables (has to correct a few glitches introduced by Zope in the
environment dictionary), forks and execs the CGI script with the cleaned
up environment dictionary, parses the output the CGI script returns,
cleans up its forked children, and returns the CGI script output to the

This is all working fine with Mailman 2.0.7, Python 1.5.2 and Zope 2.3.3.

I've tested a few other CGI scripts.  YMMV.

Maybe Zope already supported CGI scripts, but I sure couldn't figure
out how to make them work!
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