At 04:48 PM 12/2/2001 -0500, Fred Wilson Horch wrote:
>This is great!  Finally somebody is working on integrating Mailman with

Well, I don't know whether I want to call it working on it yet, but I am 
prototyping. Thanks to the great API that seems to go very well. However, 
even though a couple people suggested to me to use ZPT, nobody has yet 
written the ZPT script for my manage_admin example.  I need that in order 
to decide which one is better in this case to use.

>Count me in -- we had a volunteer struggle with the Mailman code over
>the summer before giving up.

It is not that hard, but please feel free to help us hack. I send you 
access information in a private mail.

<snip CGI Handler in Zope>
>Maybe Zope already supported CGI scripts, but I sure couldn't figure
>out how to make them work!

You see the first goal will be to get rid of CGI scripts and replace them 
with Zope DTML or ZPT. This is very easy to do and it is just very time 
consuming to reimplement all these scripts (even though I think it will be 
very much worth it).

After that we will attack the data structures and try to make them be 
stored in the ZODB, which does not seem to be the big problem.

We basically strip Mailman to its pure logic, by taking away the 
presentation (Web) and the storage. Again, this seems to be no problem due 
to the great modularity of Mailman.


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