At 11:21 AM 12/2/2001 -0600, Stephan Richter wrote:
>Mmmh, actually, if you (anyone) is willing to work on it, what the heck, I 
>give you FTP access (the restriction is that I have to know you from 
>previous discussions) to the Zope Tree/Products as well, so you can start 
>making some progress there as well.

Cool, eight (8) people have now already access to my little development 
installation. Could this be a way of Extreme Programming remotely over the 
net? Well, I am certainly open for the test drive!

Mmh, of course problems can arise in terms cancelling each others work, but 
if you work with versioning and CVS (for the Python Code maybe), you should 
be able to avoid that (assuming that everyone creates their own username, 
once they are in). It is certainly not made for a long-term condition, but 
I believe it will be great to address the most obvious initial issues. Once 
they are solved a design can be made with some "Getting Started" 
instructions and everyone can develop on their local machine.
But I would still keep the test-Zope up and running, so people can check-in 
and test their latest advancements and there will be always a place where 
the latest functional code is publicly viewable and executable.
Security is of course another issue, this is why I limited the access a 
little bit. But I think one must calculate with some of the security risks 
in order to increase development performance.

That's it for now. If you want to be part of this little experiment, E-mail 
me and I give you the info you need.


Stephan Richter
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