Matt Hamilton wrote:
> > if index1 is in SQL and index2 is in ZODB, for example, how would you
> > go about efficiently combining results?
> Is there not a set datatype in python that could be used? 

There is, but what would happen if index1 returned 25,000 results and index2
returned 250 and you were going to AND the results. Pouring the sets into Python
data structures all the time doesn't sound too efficient...

I favour the idea of having several 'engines', like MySQL has table handlers,
and letting the user pick which one they want to use.

I'm gonna try all this out at:

> Admittedly,
> most of the stuff in MG is about textual searches rather than exact
> searches

Yeah, but that's the most difficult thing ;-)

> (it can do boolean searches too, but the book is mainly about
> ranking).

Please god tell me they cover phrase matching :-S

[snip headf*ck]

Urm, maybe they'll take it a little slower than that? ;-)



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