You might have a point there. RedHat seem to have quite a functional
business model going on, perhaps zope could borrow some ideas from there. I
know that many people that currently run Linux (Home and work) would no do
so except for RedHat, Suse or Mandrake.


Adrian Hungate

All views expressed in this email are those of the whole world, however some
people don't realise this yet.

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> > Where's the $99 version of Zope?  The $499?  The $1499?  The
> > $25999?  Zope Corp hasn't pulled that card out like many other
> > vendors have.  There are actually many pieces of Zope that were
> > initially commercial add-ons (or intended to be) that are now all
> > open source.
> I sometimes have the feeling that we might NEED a $xx(x) version of
Zope --
> a ready-to-go, preconfigured Zope distro with a decent manual.
> Not for us, the community, but for the average user. O.k., we could do it
> for free, but would there be a Red Hat or SuSE Linux distro if it was
> totally for free? It even CAN be downloaded for free, and still people are
> willing to pay for it. And the money is needed. Without the support from
> major Linux distributors, projects like XFree would probably be in big
> trouble ...
> This is a totally different business model than the one Zope Corp. is
> right now, but it might help refinancing the overhead a good community
> to have ...
> Just my 2 (euro)cents ...
> Joachim
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