Anthony Baxter wrote:

>>>>Behrens Matt - Grand Rapids wrote
>>Anthony Baxter wrote:
>>>In that case, how about cutting a version which is 2.4.3 + the compiler
>>>fixes? Crashes are bad, and it would be very nice to Make Them Go Away. :)
>>You already have that.  Check out the Zope-2_4-branch from CVS (see 
>> for info).  Now leave poor Matt alone :-)
> I know - I do have this. Plenty of other people, tho, do NOT have the
> ability to build their own version of Zope. Requiring people to follow
> a somewhat arcane set of instructions and steps merely to get a stable
> version of Zope that doesn't crash strikes me as... odd.

It's not as uncommon as you make it sound; look at BerkeleyDB and the 
Linux kernel. :-)

Anyway, Zope 2.4.4 is coming soon I'm sure.  The only difference is the 
Python files in lib/python/RestrictedPython so you really don't even 
have to recompile anything.


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