I'm trying to wrap my mind around what you call workgroups.
By the way, have you reviewed the use cases for workgroups that I put in
http://www.zope.org/Members/nuxeo/Products/NuxUserGroups/README.txt ?

Lennart Regebro <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> With normal grouping, you typically have one group per department, and give
> that department access to a couple of parts of the database. Then you have a
> group of the Bosses that have more access. But usually this means that all
> the Bosses have Boss access everywhere, which is not necessarily what you
> want.

No no no ! With NUG the Roles added to a group are still added at the
local role level, which means that the 'bosses' group only has a Boss
role where you want it. Besides in the current NUG I don't yet have a
way to assign a global Role to a group (this can be added later anyway,
the current model is all that we needed, and the implementation is
flexible enough to permit it later).

I really think that my model can be used for what you do.

> So, even if it is very tempting to let Florent implement the local roles
> blacklist instead of doing it ourselves :-), I'd rather wait for workgroups
> than standard groups. In any case Johan and me would be very happy to help
> Florent and the others at Nuxeo implement it groups and blacklists.

Thanks. But I insist that "my" groups are nearly the same as "your" workgroups.

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