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> 1) If the projects for which I have volunteered are accepted as a goal for
> Zope 2.6 then I have some work cut out for me, and I'd like to try to
> schedule the necessary time intelligently and early.  Any ideas
> on when the
> "grocery list" will be evaluated?

I think that this needs to happen Real Soon. I propose that
this friday (the 15th) is the deadline for adding/volunteering
for the 2.6 plan.

After Friday, we need to cull the list to something managable
(there is quite a lot there now). I further propose that any
item on the list that does not have a sponsor (someone who
has explicitly signed up to see the feature through, incl.
associated tests, documentation, API help etc.) by Friday
gets dropped from the plan.

The working timeline for Zope 2.6 is to have an alpha out in
about 6 weeks (beginning of May). Things whose sponsors don't
think they can make that timeline should probably come off of
the 2.6 plan (though they certainly can continue the projects,
they would just go into a later release).

So let's see what the list looks like after Friday when we
know what is unchampioned or will not fit in the timeframe.
Early next week, we should plan to debate the remaining items
and finalize the list.

It would be great if those who have volunteered to lead 2.6
projects could contact me with a rough est. of how long you
think it will take and what collateral tasks there will be
(any updating of existing documentation, new docs / API help
and unit tests). I'll volunteer to update the plan in a
little more detail.

> 2) If we had a brief Zope 2.6 style guide, similar to the Zope 3
> stuff, that
> would be cool.  In particular I'd like to be able to see "state
> of the art"
> 2.x ZC unit test approaches.  Just point to a canonical example
> in Zope 2.5
> or CMF, maybe?

I think any of the /tests directories in the Zope core are
decent examples.

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