Thanks Lennart,

There is OO php now, which they seem to enjoy. <ugh> The 
audited security is something I believe is big win.  The 
quickness and efficiency of Zope Corp's (still calling them DC 
in my head) Zope security patching is outstanding.  The 
community really shines there.  

With undoable transactions, are transactions that have taken 
place in the Postgres Database really undo-able by undoing the 
Zope transaction that made them?

For users, they'll be stored in Postgres, so is LoginManager 
(which uses the venerably weighty ZPatterns) the best way to 
go, or is exUserFolder sufficient for scaling to largers 
numbers of users?  I'll ask the Jester about that directly is 
no on has a quick answer.  The front end user/roles permissions 
thing is a bit hard to manage sometimes, honestly.  But it's 
there at least, and not in PHP unless you spend time building 

Would you not get transparent scalability by adding Apache 
servers to the front end that just have the same PHP scripts? 
As far as scaling backend Postgres Database, that's the same if 
you use PHP or Zope.

On Tuesday 23 April 2002 11:35 am, you wrote:
> From: "Jason Spisak" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > I think Oliver's point about transaction safety is a big
> > win. I might convince them just on that.  But I'm still
> > looking for more ammunition.
> Basic things from the top of my head:
> - Full OO = short development time = cheaper development.
> - Integrated security = less chances of unsecure scripts.
> - Transactational security.
> - Undoable transactions.
> - Integrated user management.
> - Transparent scalability.
> - Integrated rights/permission management.
> ( No, it's true that they probably do not need better
> permission management than they can build with PHP. But with
> Zope you don't have to build it at all. It's alredy there.)
> These are the things you get for free with Zope that you
> don't get with PHP. I have also probably missed out on
> several.

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